Winter Transitions: The Little Black SUN Dress

Unfortunately for those of us on the east coast, it’s getting to that time where the temperatures really begin to drop. That means goodbye sundresses, shorts, tanks – all of my favorite things! Except not really, not if you have the right pieces to transition your summer pieces into the fall and winter.

Today I’m showing you a simple way to transition your casual summer shift dress to an appropriate fall outfit. All you need? A cardigan and any pair of shoes besides sandals. Seriously, the sandals do actually need to be packed away! (Pardon my low HQ pictures, working on getting a nicer camera!)

nov4   nov4_2

(Not pictured: white converse)

The trick to pulling off a sundress in the winter is in the pieces and colors you pair with it. The thick, green cardigan gives it a warmer vibe that’s more appropriate for fall. Additionally, the chunky statement necklace is just a little too much for a day summer look but works nicely for the colder months.

You could also transition your summer pieces by adding boots, tights, or by wearing a pull-over sweater over your dress! All can work, just remember: no sandals! 

Do you pack your summer clothes away come colder months or do you work them into your winter wardrobe? Share your thoughts below


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