Training for Falmouth Road Race & Summer

I’m really excited to share that I will be running the Falmouth Road Race this August! As someone who’s spent many summers in Cape Cod, I’m especially looking forward to running in one of my favorite summer destinations of all time.

Admittedly though, this is my first “real” race. I’ve done several charity 5ks, none of which ever felt like a competition. I’ve also never really considered myself to be a “runner” – I definitely ran closer to “every once in awhile” than “often”. With that being said, I’m just as nervous as I am excited. Even though I’m doing this for the experience rather than to win, I do love a challenge so I’ve decided to really buckle down this summer and prep for the event.

Training Goals

Training for this race is going to require me to make several unique adjustments to my current workout schedule. In addition to my usual goal of maintaining strength and fitness, while also leaning out, some areas I’ll be working on this summer include:

  • Lung Capacity and Recovery: The Falmouth race is notoriously hilly; being able to quickly scale hills while continuing on is going to be important in order to enjoy the race. Weekly HITT and hill workouts, along with frequent spin classes, will be the main activities for increasing my V02 Max.
  • Running Endurance: I can easily run 4-6 miles currently, but maintaining and improving this fitness over the summer is going to be a focal point of my workout plan. I’m hoping to run the race between a 9-9:30 pace, so a lot of this summer will be spent running, and running some more.
  • Building and Maintaining Strength: Frequent and long-distance running breaks down muscle. I’m hoping to maintain the strength I’ve gained thus far and build upon it while running frequently by incorporating at least three days of strength training for week.
  • Nutrition: I always eat a generally healthy and balanced diet but, for awhile, I’ve been focusing on leaning out which has resulted in me eating for a caloric deficit. Performance is my top priority this summer so I’ll be making a conscious effort to eat more to fuel muscle growth rather than to cut. If I do it right, the muscle built will cancel out any weight I would gain from eating more (it is summer, after all).


My Plan – First 4 Weeks

For four weeks, I’ll be following the below schedule. Be sure to check the blog, as well as Instagram for details on each workout! Additionally, feel free to copy and join me – would love to hear about your results!

Monday: Moderate run at normal pace (4-5 miles, moderate pace – not breathless but not conversational)

Tuesday: Legs & HITT

Wednesday: Arms & Abs, Optional Low Impact Cardio (Think walking, hiking, elliptical, biking)

Thursday: Short, fast run (~3 miles) with Hill Work

Friday: Total Body Workout + Cardio (group fitness class)

Saturday: Long Run (6+ miles)


What are your goals this summer – do you have a plan in place? If you haven’t already, I encourage you to think about what you want to accomplish come September and put in writing a plan that will take you there. Share your goals with me – I’d love to help!



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