Copy My Workout: Lower Body Cardio

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to share with you a workout I – quite literally – just did!

I have been kinda lazy the past few weeks in terms of keeping up with my workouts and pushing myself to the proper intensity. My body, mood, and energy levels have definitely suffered as a result. This week I joined Team Beachbody as an online health and fitness coach to not only help motivate and support others on their fitness journey (which, by my blog, you can already tell I’m SO passionate about!), but also to motivate myself. Sharing the very intimate parts of my life can be scary but I know that you all will keep me accountable to stay on the right path – just as I would do for any of you!

Today’s workout consisted of mostly cardio with an emphasis on lower body and core. You can see me doing a couple of the moves in this workout here.

The Workout: 3 Parts!

Part 1: Warmup

For a warm-up, I did 20 minutes on the stairmaster at a pace of 60 SPM. My average heart rate was ~150. I love the stairmaster in general but especially to warm up! The machine is not as easy as using a bike or elliptical – but that’s a good thing ;) 60 SPM is not very fast but I was definitely sweaty and ready to go after just 20 minutes.

Use my SPM and heart rate to gauge how hard you should be working. Don’t over-do it in the workout by going fast – this is an almost strictly cardio workout so you need to pace yourself to make it through the whole thing!

Tips: Make sure to stand up tall with your core engaged while using the stairmaster. Don’t put your weight into your hands/arms – it makes the exercise less effective and will eventually hurt your wrists!

Part 2: Kickboxing Circuit

I LOVE KICKBOXING. If I could only do one workout for the rest of my life, this would probably be it. Most gyms have a punching bag you can use but if not, punching the air can be just as good! Kickboxing is great because it helps sculpt the muscles in your arms, chest, back, legs, and glutes while causing your heart rate to skyrocket! Here’s a pretty easy circuit to follow:

Perform each combination for 2 minutes straight with a 30 sec pause in between combinations. Complete 1-2 sets.

  • Combination 1: Jab, Cross
  • Combination 2: Jab, Left Hook, Right Hook, Cross
  • Combination 3: Left front kick, Right Round House Kick (x2) – Alternate Sides
  • Combination 4: Jab, Cross, Right Uppercut, Left Uppercut, Right Roundhouse Kick, Left Roundhouse Kick

If you’re unfamiliar with how to perform certain moves I’d highly recommend this video for a super quick tutorial on proper technique. It doesn’t have to be perfect – the main point is to hit hard and to get your heart rate up.

Part 3: Short Resistance Circuit (and the last part – woo!)

The last part of this workout is simple but not easy (sorry!). Put 10 minutes on a timer and get through as many sets of these exercises as you can!

  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 squats – with or without weight
  • 10 medicine ball slams
  • 10 alternating front lunges
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 steps up – with or without weight, alternating leading foot.

That’s it! Make sure to cool down and stretch afterwards, especially your legs and lower back!

I was exhausted after this workout – but maybe it’s just me? Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


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