HOW TO: Rock Red Lipstick

There’s nothing sexier, nor classier than wearing red lipstick. We’ve seen all the famous celebrities like Taylor Swift perfect the red pout and, every single time, have been filled with envy. Despite popular belief however, anyone (yes, anyone) can pull it off. I have seen some struggle to obtain the classic red lips, but it’s not the color that does them wrong: it’s the application. With a few simple tips you can be the envy of every girl in the room next Friday.


First things first, find the right shade of red. Everybody is different, you already know this, and with this not everyone should be wearing the same shade of red. The most important aspect to consider when picking out the right shade is your complexion. For example, fair skinned people should probably avoid lipsticks that are an orangey-pink, or tangerine color. On the other hand, those with an olive or dark skinned complexion can pull this look off! The pink pigment present in fair skinned people makes orange based reds appear too harsh. Instead, take advantage of the fact that your porcelain skin allows you to rock the cherry red and wine colors. In summary here, try a few out before you buy. You’ll know what works.


Here are some of my top picks for lipstick:





Secondly, please please PLEASE wear lip liner! Lip liner is so underrated when it comes to applying lipstick but it is essential when you’re trying a bolder color. Lip liner helps make your lips look fuller and even increases the staying power of your makeup. You’ve never used lip liner before? Make sure to use soft lines that follow your natural lip (otherwise you’ll look like a clown) and to never use a liner darker than your lipstick.

Another thing to take into consideration is your outfit. While it seems like a good idea to wear red lipstick with your hot pink dress, it’s not. It’s too much girl, way too much. Orange is also a very bad idea. While most other colors are safe, you should also remember to wear the right shade on the right occasion. While the classic bright red can be worn day or night, the cranberry red looks best at work while that sultry wine lipstick is best for your dinner date.

If you follow all these things you’ll almost be able to pull off the desired red lips you’ve always wanted to try. However, wear the red with confidence, and you’ll be golden-or perfectly red.


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