Results of 30 Day Challenge

I have never been one to post pictures of myself where I am anything but fully-clothed. It’s really out of character for me to post these before and after shots of myself but I feel it’s important for others to see what is possible when you truly commit to your health and your body.

Below is my before picture. While I never felt that I was “fat”, I wasn’t happy where I was at physically or mentally at this point in time. This was taken the day before I began my 30-day challenge.


before picture

Now here’s what I did to get the results below:

  • Completed one complete round of 21-Day Fix. This included doing a 30-minute workout every day for 3 weeks, as well as following the program’s nutrition.
  • I ate a lot of lean protein, vegetables, fruits and healthy grains.
  • I ate popcorn and ice cream (on occasion).
  • I drank wine.

So, while I call my challenge “30 days” to account for the time it takes to prep, I really achieved the results below in 21 days.



Do I have a flawless body after just 21 days? No, definitely not. True transformation takes longer than a month, but I think I’ve come pretty far in a short amount of time (enough to actually post these pictures online!) In total, I lost 10 pounds from completing the 21-Day Fix.

What’s Next?

For now, I’m taking a break from committing to a strict program. I loved 21-day fix; I think it’s a great way to jump start a healthy lifestyle for anyone – whether you’ve never exercised before in your life or if you just fell off the wagon temporarily (like me.) While I do think I’ll pick up another Beachbody program in the future, I’m focusing on mixing up my workout for the time being.

I’m using a combination of my own workouts, group fitness classes, kickboxing and Beachbody On Demand programs to continue my fitness journey. And, yes, I’m still drinking Shakeology.


Interested in Learning More About the

30-Day Challenge?

I’m happy to share details about my own challenge and how you could potentially start yours! Reach out to me on social media or fill out the contact form and I’ll get in touch shortly!