Holiday Hustle: 25 Minute Full-Body, High Intensity Workout

The holidays mark one of the busiest times of the year; between Christmas shopping, wrapping up projects at work, holiday parties, and everything else that occurs throughout the week, it’s often hard to find the energy and motivation to even make it to the gym.

Better yet, the holidays also tend to mark a time where people tend to over indulge a little (or a lot). The combination of lack of activity and excess foods obviously brings weight gain and (you guessed it) a new year’s resolution to lose the weight.

This mindset, owaiting until the New Year, is totally backwards. Mistreating your body now is only going to make achieving your goals in a month that much harder! Research has shown time and time again that even small bouts of exercise, as little as 20 minutes a day, throughout the week can make way for great improvements in terms of your health – so why wait?

Today’s blog is what I’m (now) calling The Holiday Hustle – No, it’s not a dance and yes, I’m corny. You can complete the ENTIRE workout in less than 30 minutes, so there is no excuse for not being able to fit in a workout. By waking up 30 minutes earlier or by replacing the time you would normally spend on Facebook with exercise, you can easily fit a total-body, strength and cardio workout into your busy busy day. Here’s how…

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Bosu Ball + Resistance Band Squat Workout

If you couldn’t already tell, I love lower body workouts. I love leg day so much, in part, because I like having a nice butt ;) But what really makes glutes and quads my favorite thing to work on is that they incorporate the whole body. Squats are one of the best moves for burning calories for this very reason – they engage your legs, butt, and core! That’s why I – once again – am sharing a leg & booty workout for you all to try at home. Here’s a sneak peak:

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Clean Eating: What, Why & How

You can’t go anywhere today without hearing or reading about “clean” eating – it’s on the daily news, your favorite talk show, facebook, in every magazine and now on my blog. What does it even mean? Why should you eat clean? It can be confusing to those unfamiliar but the concept in itself isn’t actually that difficult to grasp. It is, however, not always easy to commit to. In today’s blog, I’m going to explain exactly what clean eating is and why you should consider practicing it, along with how I put clean eating into practice. Hopefully, this post will help answer some of the questions I’ve been getting on what I eat and can help spark some ideas for you to try at home!

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Copy My Workout: Lower Body Cardio

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to share with you a workout I – quite literally – just did!

I have been kinda lazy the past few weeks in terms of keeping up with my workouts and pushing myself to the proper intensity. My body, mood, and energy levels have definitely suffered as a result. This week I joined Team Beachbody as an online health and fitness coach to not only help motivate and support others on their fitness journey (which, by my blog, you can already tell I’m SO passionate about!), but also to motivate myself. Sharing the very intimate parts of my life can be scary but I know that you all will keep me accountable to stay on the right path – just as I would do for any of you!

Today’s workout consisted of mostly cardio with an emphasis on lower body and core. You can see me doing a couple of the moves in this workout here.

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Career Tips: Breaking Into the Workforce for New Grads

career tips

As a recent grad, I know first hand how hard it can be to break into the working world right out of school. While some students start working right away, most experience a gap between graduation and employment. It can be difficult and confusing for us twenty-somethings, and even those with jobs, to know what the proper protocol is in the working world. Luckily, there are many professionals out there with the experience and knowledge we need and are willing to help! I was fortunate enough to speak to Maddy Spellerberg, a marketing strategist at Obviouslee Marketing, and hear her career tips. Continue Reading